18 JUN 2016

The portal will be open!

Here the invitation in english and spanish fo ryou to have all the information about the show.

23 MAY 2016

Meetings, octopus and fish school technologies and prototypes.

Starting with the serial production, landing design strategies. Group session around costumes with Isabelle, Ginna and Christian.

21 MAY 2016

SUBMARINA at Via Organica

Invitation to our launching event, come and join us!

18 MAY 2016

Santas Marias' goings on.

Some pix about the process.

10 MAY 2016


We have just launched our fundraising web campaign, please click the image to know more about it. We hope you get interested.

09 MAY 2016


We already defined the way to built the bildboard for the show on the front of the Labor. Be prepared.

05 MAY 2016


Picture session of S's installation objects for FONDEADORA project profile.

05 MAY 2016

At Workshop

Here some pictures of our process here at the workshop we have at Proyecto Showroom!

26 APR 2016

Sketches of costumes by Isabelle Manhes

Here some sketches of the costumes that Isabelle is working on, for the performing creatures that will inhabit SUBMARINA!!!

22 APR 2016

Introductory Exhibition "S" at PROYECTO SHOWROOM (San Miguel de Allende, MX)

Last saturday we opened a small exhibition to present SUBMARINA project and give a try to the attendees of the atmosphere we are intended to build up in Santas Marias in a few weeks.


There has been people who said that a great snake arose from the movement of femenine hips dacing at the waves' rythm long ago. Other ones have offered songs to the hidden world behind its sheens. The sea, the sea. SUBMARINA begins with a S! ssssss You are invited to enjoy a while beneath the waves this friday."

Here some pictures of the event. If you want to see more, click here.